Season 2 kicks off with a guest host and honorary 5th member for this episode Matthew Bordenave! With a resume as a storyboard artist that ranges from the newest DC Universe show Young Justice Outsiders, Flashpoint Paradox, Ultimate Spiderman, The Dark Knight Returns, and one of David’s favorites, Moon Beam City. 

Matthew runs us through a typical process of an animated series, from inspiration, script writing, character design, and everything in between that creates some of our favorite moments in animation. 

Also, we do another trailer play by play, this time with two back to back trailers; Spiderman Into The Spiderverse and Dark Phoenix. As usual we all have a lot of thoughts and opinions.

Join us and a fellow nerd/creative/and listener as we do what we do best as we kick off our jam packed second season of Nerds at the Cool Table