Nerds at the Cool Table - Episode 5: Pay To See 60 Billion

Episode 5 we discuss that sweet sweet Avengers Infinity War trailer and why Thanos is about to be the Marvel Universe's Debo.

With that looming Disney buyout of Fox's entertainment assets we dive into where we benefit as fans and where it just might start to get weird.

We judge Julien's anime choices and for absolutely no reason Jazen recites every single actor's name from the Street Fighter movie by heart.

Also why you should never call any of us for information if you're up for a part in any comic property. 



Nerds at the Cool Table - Episode 4: Like A Delicious Gas Station Pizza

An episode full of struggle, back blow outs, and holiday traffic. We make it happen and give our MASSIVE REVIEW of JUSTICE LEAGUE!

We talk what we expect next from WB/DC, our alternate Batman choices if Affleck decides to leave the DC Cinematic Universe, and we debut our unique rating system for Justice League.

Plus, we give our initial thoughts on the new Netflix Punisher show (full review coming Episode 5), Our theory for the last Infinity Stone, Deadpool 2 trailer reactions, and should James Franco be an X-Men.



Nerds at the Cool Table - Episode 3: There Was A Fight in Thor

During our THOR: RAGNAROK review we compare the fight Youssef and Julien witnessed AT Thor with the fights IN Thor. 

We discuss Complex Con and why it occupies an important space within the crossroads of culture, music, and the internet. 

We talk why there's suddenly JUSTICE LEAGUE HYPE!!!

Plus some buff talk (obviously), the already pre-Oscar winning Lion King song by Beyonce and Childish Gambino, Migos x Hyenas, and we finally put to rest who got cast as Shazam and Billy Batson